What is Horsescouting?

Horsescouting is an online trading platform for high quality showjumper, hunter jumper and equitation horses. Our head office is located in Badbergen, embedded in the Oldenburger Münsterland. However, through our partner stables through Germany and Europe we ensure to have high-quality sport horses available at all times. We have made it our mission to connect owners and buyers, while offering exceptional customer service to make the selling and buying journey as pleasant as possible for all parties involved.


Who is behind Horsescouting?

The Head of Horsescouting is Patrick Döller – successful rider and horse trader with worldwide references. Behind Patrick Döller stands a team of ambitious riders as well as studied experts in Marketing & Management.

But all of them have the same goal: Creating a transparent platform for high quality horse buyers as well as sellers.


Where is Horsescouting and its partner stables located?

The Horsescouting office is located in Badbergen close to Vechta. Here we always have 24 high quality horses available. Our partner stables are mainly spread across Germany. However, we also have some partners across Europe and can offer tailored horse viewing tours to find your next sports partner.


How does Horsescouting work? Are there any fees to be paid?

Horsescouting works on a commission basis. Meaning unless a purchase is taking place there are no costs neither for buyer nor seller.

In detail this means, that promoting your sales horse on our website as well as sending us a search inquiry is for free. Through our extensive network we are able to access a large number of contacts and make your horse sale or horse search as easy as possible.


If a contract is concluded, 10% commission is due. However, these are already calculated in advance in the amount you specify. In the end, it is therefore the goal that you always receive the sum you asked for at the beginning. The same with the purchase - we only offer you horses that fit into your budget with our commission already included. If you have questions regarding the Process please don’t hesitate to contact us for detailed information.


Are there only the horses available shown on the website?

No, the horses on the website are only a small part of the horses we have available. A lot of owners are interested in discretion and don’t want their horses to be promoted publicly that is why only the horses where we have the explicit permission are presented on our website. However, our entire portfolio consists of over 100 horses. Please contact us directly with a detailed search inquiry via WhatsApp or our website and we will provide all the horses that might be interesting.


Can I also sell my horse via Horsescouting?

In case you’re looking for a professional place to sell your own horse please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always interested in high quality horses for our clients and provide the highest possible level of training and service to make your horse sale as successful as possible.

If you have a horse for sale and you think it might be interesting for us, please send us a Video as well as Information such as Age, Pedigree, Show Experience, Height and Price to our WhatsApp (+491772637402).


Can the horses be tried in Person?

Of course, all horses can be tried in Person. By offering you a Full-Service Package, we can provide you also with travel planning, consultation as well as after sales service. If desired, we can accompany you to all appointments throughout Europe.


Are the horses healthy and are x-ray pictures available?

All our sales horses come from professional and well managed stables. To ensure the health of every horse offered through us, we make sure that X-Rays are available. Don’t hesitate to ask us and we will provide every information accessible.